Yacht Management

Our management team provides comprehensive tailored services across the board and our highly qualified personnel can offer support and advice to yacht owners and their captains, ensuring anytime that the yacht is being maintained, administered and operated to the highest standards.


Yacht management includes operational management, technical support, crew administration, yachting accounting, safety and technical management, insurance assistance. All these fields require vigilance, dedication to each task appointed and above all, collaborating with top professionals of each field to ensure that no matter the request, DM Yachts will get you the perfect result.


With a 24-hour response service, we are there for you so that we can give both owners and captains peace of mind.

Crew Services

Crew is a crucial factor of each yacht and selecting the best is our top priority at DM Yachts. Having worked with a wide range of crew specialties from all over the world, we can undertake full crew management of your yacht.


Crew placement and administration can steal much of a captain’s precious time, but our crew service team is here to undertake all administrative tasks associated with your crew (including payrolls, contract administration,  crew travel and document management, etc).

Yacht Construction

When it comes to building a yacht, expectations and demands are really high. Making the right choice of yacht builders, naval architects, interior designers as well as legal and financial consultants is no easy task.


Dm Yachts is specialized in guiding and advising you throughout the entire process of your idea coming to life. Paying full attention to your requirements and understanding your needs are the initial, still most crucial parts of our experienced team’s working procedure. From selecting the suitable professionals to supervising and coordinating everyone and everything involved in each project, our team is ready there to to manage and oversee every aspect of the construction process for you.